The mysterious Moon appeared in Siberia already has an explanation


Aliens, extraterrestrial ships and other conspiracy theories were the explanation given by many people to the mysterious ball of lights on Siberia a few days ago. It has given a lot in certain circles, although finally the explanation is much more mundane, although equally disturbing.


According to a statement from the Ministry of Defense of Russia, exactly on the same day that this second Moon of ghostly appearance appeared, the army conducted a new test with a long-range intercontinental missile. The projectile crossed Siberia from west to east to land near the Kamchatka Peninsula, at the eastern end of Russia.
Several experts have already confirmed the relationship between the ball of light and the missile, arguing that the mixture of the gases generated by the combustion ended up filtering the sun’s rays to generate this ball of bluish and translucent aspect. It is a disappointment for the most conspiranoicos, although it is still an event to be feared,
The military escalation in certain areas of the Asian continent continues its course, with increasingly frequent threats from North Korea towards its southern neighbor and towards Japan. The Japanese country also has to see how China extends its influence towards more and more countries, while colonizing some islands in dispute between both countries.


Meanwhile, Russia remains Asia’s main military and nuclear power, although we do not know for how long. China continues to invest more and more money in upgrading and modernizing its army, preparing for a possible confrontation with Japan or India, which in turn maintains a constant cold war with Pakistan, another country that has nuclear weapons.
In this context, a new test of long-range missiles is not reassuring, although it is neither the first nor the last. We will probably see many like this in the short term, even flying over third countries without permission, as happened recently with North Korea and Japan.


Deactivated Trump’s Twitter account for 11 minutes


The Twitter account of US President Donald Trump (@realdonaldtrump) has been deactivated for 11 minutes due to a human error by an employee of the social network, according to the company.
“Today the account @realdonaldtrump has been deactivated by a human error of a Twitter employee,” the company said in a tweet.
“We continue investigating and taking measures to prevent this from happening again,” added the social network. A representative of the company declined to offer more information. The White House has not wanted to answer either.
Trump has been known for using Twitter to attack the opposition and promote its policies both during the election campaign and since he took office in January.
The president of the United States has 47.7 million followers on Twitter. In a similar incident in November, the account of CEO Jack Dorsey was briefly suspended due to an internal error.