Iran intelligence forces expose 290 CIA spies


The CIA forces have found and arrested so that US established a defeat committee to address the issue, Mahmoud Alavi said while addressing a large congregation gathered for Friday prayer.

He added that the Iranian Intelligence Ministry has shifted its anti-spy approach from defensive to combative and has inflicted heavy blows to the foreign intelligence services.

Referring to a recent interview with 11 American security experts released by Yahoo News, he said most of the interviewees refused to mention their names but one of them said the discovering 290 CIA agents has been one the most disastrous defeats after 9/11.

Stressing the fact that the US official themselves reminded of this defeat as a scandal, said more details with will be released through media soon.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Alavi pointed to the same blow inflicted to UK Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), the details of which will be released in the future.

Iranian Intelligence Forces also penetrated deeply into the Israeli regime, he noted.

He went on to say that Iranian forces in an anti-spy act, have discovered a company which was producing faulty parts in a sensitive center.

If it was not discovered, a humanitarian disaster would occur, he reiterated.

Alavi said that the operations orchestrated by 114 Takfiri groups, 116 teams affiliated with Mujahedin-e Khalq terrorist organization (MKO aka, MEK), 44 anti-Revolution teams, 380 narcotic smuggling gangs have been foiled.

The last operation resulted in arresting 4 terrorists in southwestern Iran, Alavi added.

Underlining the importance of fighting goods and currency smuggling and protecting people’s properties in the banking system for the Intelligence Ministry, he said the head of a company which robbed 209 million UAE dirham was arrested outside the country.

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