Queen Elizabeth Flies To Kensington Palace To Meet Prince Louis


Queen Elizabeth II recently flew to Kensington Palace to meet the newest addition to the royal family.

The monarch was photographed wearing a pink suit and holding a bunch of beautiful spring flowers when she landed in Perks Field, which is 40 minutes away from Windsor.

Prince William and Kate Middleton welcomed Prince Louis on Monday, April 23. However, the Queen only had the chance to meet her great-grandson on Tuesday because she has been staying in Windsor with Prince Philip. The 96-year-old is still recovering from his hip surgery from last month.

Even though the Queen was not photographed with Prince Louis during her visit to Kensington Palace, royal fans are convinced that the monarch had a blast meeting him. Her visit also coincided with Princess Charlotte’s third birthday.

Meanwhile, Prince Louis’ birth certificate has already been filed one week after his birth. A photo of the document was released online via People. But the filing made headlines for an entirely different reason. It was revealed that Middleton’s occupation is Princess of the United Kingdom, and Prince William’s occupation is Prince of United Kingdom.

The same occupation was also listed on Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s birth certificates.

Following the birth of Prince Louis, Ingrid Seward, a royal biographer, told People that the newborn completes Prince William and Middleton’s family.

“[Kate] is one of three siblings, and it’s a good family size. Boy-girl-boy is pretty cool as well,” she said.

Richard Fitzwilliams also shared a similar view regarding Prince William and Middleton’s family. He told Express that it is unlikely the royal couple will have a fourth child.

“It is widely rumored that they wanted a third child, it will almost certainly be their last. I’m pretty certain that they aren’t planning for another child,” he said.

But Richard Kay revealed that it is possible Prince William and Middleton will emulate Queen Elizabeth II in having four children.

“He would be very happy if it was another girl. Having Charlotte was an improving effect on George who was a bit of a tearaway in the early days, so he knows the benefit a second daughter might bring,” he told the Daily Mail.

Queen Elizabeth II is back in Kensington Palace, but it is still unclear how long she will be there. Pictured: Queen Elizabeth II smiles after she started the London Marathon from Windsor Castle, which was relayed to big screens at Blackheath, setting off 40,000 runners on the 26.2 miles to The Mall, on Apr. 22, 2018 in Windsor, England.

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