Bringing a huge change in the politics of Tamil Nadu: Rajinikanth tells fans


Superstar rajniRajinikanth on Sunday addressed his fans in Tuticorin via video link. Explaining the simple and core principles of his yet-to-be-formed political party, Rajinikanth said the severing the common people without any personal motive will be the primary quality to join hands with him in his political endeavor.

“Bringing a huge change in the politics of Tamil Nadu is our motive now. It’s a difficult task but if we work together with discipline towards our goal, we can achieve anything. Our thoughts and heart should be clean,” said the Thalaivar in his address to fans.

“This is a social service and not self-service. We should work for the greater good of the public. Our only aim should be to bring about a good change in Tamil Nadu. We should do it without any personal expectations. When should set an example for other states and make them look at us in awe,” he added.

“This an opportunity given to us by God and we should make good use of it,” said Rajinikanth, who announced his political debut on December 31.

He also reiterated that his fans should take good care of their families before joining his cause. He also advised his fans not to be ambitious for posts. “We should not get upset or feel jealous when we don’t get a post or power in politics,” he said briefing his fans about his expectations from them in politics.

“The party will give the responsibilities based on merits. Everyone is watching us keenly. Everyone is watching if there are any differences or conflicts among us. We should not let that happen,” he cautioned his fans while expressing confidence that he knows that he enjoys their full support in his new venture.

Rajinikanth is gathering support by making his fans register as members of his organization called Rajini Makkal Mandram, which will soon be turned into a political outfit. The name and party symbol will also be announced later. While Rajini has confirmed that he will be contesting next assembly elections in Tamil Nadu, he is still unsure whether or not to contest the upcoming Lok Sabha elections

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