Total lunar eclipse set for end of January


Mark your calendars, because a total lunar eclipse is due to arrive on Wednesday, Jan. 31.

A government announcement published today says that weather permitting, the eclipse will be visible from most places in Hong Kong with an unobstructed view to the east.

It added that the eclipse will begin at 6:50pm on Jan. 31, reach its totality at 9:30pm and end at 0:10am early next morning.

A lunar eclipse is when the Earth’s shadow blocks the sun’s light and completely covers the moon.

The next total lunar eclipse after January is expected to take place on July 28.

Meanwhile here on earth (more specifically in Hong Kong), the latest nine-day forecast by the city’s Observatory shows that the temperature tomorrow could be as high as 24 degrees Celsius with lows of 16.

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Unfortunately, you can’t pack away those jackets yet.

The pleasant weather is not set to last long with the observatory predicting a few cloudy and rainy days on the horizon.

And if you’re in danger of forgetting last week’s cold blast, don’t worry, you’re about to get a reminder of what Hong Kong winter’s all about, with an intense winter monsoon expected to reach southern China next week cause temperatures to fall gradually over the region.

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