Exclusive Salman Khan gets death threats for hunting blackbucks with video!!


Bollywood actor Salman Khan who was in Jodhpur to appear in Jodhpur court for a case against him for the alleged poaching of two blackbucks in village Kankani on October 2, 1998, received a death threat from a notorious gangster Lawrence Bishnoi.

Lawrence Vishnoi has threatened to kill Bollywood star Salman Khan in Jodhpur. The police had brought Lawrence, who is accused of murder, on production warrant to Jodhpur.

While talking to media persons, Lawrence alleged that Jodhpur police had falsely implicated him in the murder case of businessman Vasudev Israni.

According to Lawrence when Israni was killed he was in police custody. He said till now he has not been involved in any case, but now to teach the Jodhpur police a lesson he will have to kill Salman Khan in Jodhpur.

Here’s the video of Lawrence in which he is openly threatening to kill Bollywood actor.

Though there is no direct link of Salman and Lawrence but just to teach a lesson to Jodhpur Police, the gangster wants to kill Salman Khan in Jodhpur only. Moreover, it can be assumed the Lawrence is affiliated to same Bishnoi community which considers Salman a ‘villain’ as he and his co-actors went for alleged hunting of black bucks and killed them.

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