Spain World Cup ban: risk of nation being kicked out of Russia 2018


Angel Maria Villar, the former president of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) and vice-president of Uefa, has blamed the Spanish government for putting at risk Spain’s participation in next summer’s World Cup in Russia.

Fifa warned the Spanish Federation last week that continued interference from the Spanish government in the upcoming election for the federation’s new president could result in them losing their place at next summer’s World Cup.

The RFEF is currently led by Juan Luis Larrea on an interim basis, after Angel Maria Villar was made to step down on corruption charges.

“Fifa is asking us to enforce the laws and they are just fulfilling their statutes and regulations. The Superior Sport Council (CSD) is making the Spanish Football Federation break these laws and they are the only ones responsible if the Spanish team is kicked out of the World Cup”, claimed Villar.

CSD is an autonomous organism but financially dependent on the Spanish government and its president, Jose Ramon Lete, is chosen by the ruling Government.

Villar also compared this situation with Spain’s main rivals: “We should ask ourselves why these problems don’t happen in countries such as Germany, Italy or United Kingdom. The answer is that their public institutions respect the autonomy and independence of their federations”, said Villar.

The former vice-president of Uefa also had harsh words for La Liga president and long-time adversary Javier Tebas, as well as for the Spanish prime minister.

“Mr Tebas has tried to lynch and harass me, because he has filed six complaints to have a disciplinary file opened. He has been in the media insulting and slandering me. He has been exercising criminal actions against me. If there are indications that he has committed a crime against me or against the situation we are in, I will think if I will undertake criminal action or not.”

And on Prime Minister Rajoy’s criticisms, Villar added: “I have been really surprised that he knows about everything. If I come back to the presidency of RFEF, I will hire him as an assistant, because I am sure that he will earn more than being Prime Minister.”

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