What is India’s stand on Israel and Palestine?


The US President Donald Trump has announced recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital overturning decades of US foreign policy.

But, what is India’s stand on Israel and Palestine?

India – Israel

1. September 17, 1950: India announced recognition of Israel.

2. 1992: Upon establishment of full diplomatic relations, embassies were opened in Tel Aviv.

3. October 2015: President Pranab Mukherjee visited Isreal.

4. November 2016: Israeli President Reuven Rivlin visited India.

5. 4-6 July 2017: Prime Minister Modi made the first ever official visit to Israel. The relationship between the two nations was turned to ‘strategic’.

India – Palestine

1. 1974: India became the first non-Arab state to recognize Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).

2. 1988: India was one of the first countries to recognize the State of Palestine.

3. 1996: India opened its Representative Office to the State of Palestine in Gaza. 2003: It was shifted to Ramallah. Unlike in Israel, India does not have an embassy in Palestine.

4. October 2011: India voted in favour of Palestine for its acceptance as a full member of UNESCO.

5. November 29, 2012: India co-sponsored the resolution that made Palestine a ‘non-member state’ of United Nations General Assembly.

6. April 2015: India supported the Bandung Declaration on Palestine at Asian African Commemorative Conference

7. September 2015: India supported installation of Palestine flag at UN premises.

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