Pakistan: Family brutally murders newlyweds in honour killing; 10 arrested


Murdering people in the name of ‘honour’ has been one of the most deep-rooted crimes prevailing in the South Asian society. Honour killing usually takes place when a section or an individual believes someone to have brought shame upon one’s clan or community by marrying against their will or asserting individual choices. A recent incident in Pakistan’s Karachi might give you goosebumps.

A newly wed couple was brutally murdered for bringing shame to their families. The case that was reported at the Mominabad police station witnessed a double homicide. Abdul Hadi, 24, and Hasina Bibi, 19, were killed by their family members and close relatives when they married against their will. Jigra, the traditional council might be held responsible for executing the murder. The newlywed couple fled from their homes when their families disapproved of their choice to marry each other. They rented a house in Karachi.

© India Today It was the owner of the house who entered the property after the couple went missing for three days. The owner however, was shocked to discover blood stains around the house. Qasim Hameed, who was the Officer in charge at the Mominabad police station has reportedly got ten people arrested who are suspected to be involved in the gruesome murder of the newly weds.

The girl’s father remains absconding. Hadi’s father and nine other relatives were arrested after the couple’s bodies were found in a local graveyard. The police reported the bodies to have been sacked and buried in separate graves. When inquired, it came to light that the family members including close relatives were involved in the murder. The accused confessed to have murdered the couple. The autopsy report said the couple might have been strangled to death.

However, the police is yet to confirm it. Approximately 1,000 women are said to be killed in the name of honour each year in Pakistan.

The government has passed strict laws of life imprisonment if a person is found guilty of committing a heinous crime of murdering someone in the name of honour.


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